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Copper Queen 1915

Outpost of Julia C. Bulette 1864





Meeting called to order at 8.03pm on 25 January 2017 at Cabin Fever.  In attendance is Rich Wilson (Gluteous Maximus), Matt Klahn (Rigormortis), and Joe Macduff (Erroneous).


  1. We discussed the letters drafted by Joe that will go to 1) JCB asking for our advancement, 2) text for JCB to send to Grand Council (GC) asking for our advancement, and 3) a “Thank You” letter and receipt for donations given to CQ 1915 that can be used for tax purposes.The first two letters were approved with one modification: delete reference to becoming a chapter and replace with “advancement”.The third letter was approved as is.

  2. We discussed CQ 1915 sending a letter to GC and other ECV chapters/outposts regarding “conduct unbecoming” by Troll, Gordon, and Zack.Matt stated that Bill Bauman, Gene Dunker, Ken Moser, and Bob Romer were in favor of us doing this and asked that I draft the letter.

  3. Matt asked for permission to spend up to $350.00 for Widders Ball items, Hangman, and hawker inventory.Hangman items include a rope and water balloons.Hawker items include small flashlight, flasks, hobo kits, black light flashlights for the doins, tobacco grinders, parasols, and a keychain tool kit.Widders ball items include earrings.Approved.

  4. A personal friend of Matt’s has offered (for free!) a 40 acre parcel for our 4-way doins in September.The location is just east of 95A north of Silver Springs (just past the long downhill curve to the left as you head north from Silver Springs).We just have to leave it better than we found it and provide the owner (David) with a meal on Saturday night.

  5. We revisited the insurance policy.Matt wants a new quote from Farmers that included a rider for alcoholic beverages and indemnifies the officers.Joe’s action.

  6. Only seven (7) couples are signed up for the Widders Ball.We need to get the word out to get more attendees.

  7. Matt is mailing a letter to Louisa McDonald (great, great granddaughter of Firminia Sarras) containing pins for her and her brothers, copies of the newspaper articles, etc.

  8. Matt will visit Ft. Churchill State Park on 26 January to begin the process of placing a marker there this September.

  9. Matt wants to buy a projector that we can use at the Doins.It can handle multiple input sources.Matt would like us to purchase it and he will pay back CQ so he can keep it.Approved.

  10. Matt is contacting Mark Hall-Patton to request that he provide the history lesson he gave at our Luning Doins on DVD so that we can use it whenever Mark is not available.

  11. Matt informed us that the Silverado Casino in Silver Springs has donated two $25.00 gift certificates for Jakes Steakhouse (located in the casino) as prizes for our Widders Ball.One will go to the winner of the purple earrings, the other to the winner of the best dressed Widder.

  12. We still don’t have the HOCO books.Matt will get them and make sufficient copies for each participant, then highlight the appropriate portion of each book.

  13. We have not filed tax forms with the IRS.Joe to pursue.

  14. We need to consider designs for the pins and shirts at the 4-play doins.Input is needed.

  15. Gene Dunker is working on the sheepskin layout.Joe has provided him a “parchment paper” background that may be useful.

  16. Supplication & book for GC for our advancement:

    1. Same chapter to be used.

    2. Joe will order the binders and dividers.

    3. Matt to provide Joe with the hawker inventory (including Cabin Fever, Mason Station, and Jimmy & Sons).

    4. We need photos of the trailers.One photo of all five together, and close-ups of the BBQ and cargo trailer.

    5. Joe to make cover page for binders.

    6. George to make DVDs showing photos of our yearly activities.The DVDs will be inserted into the inside cover sleeve.

    7. Charitable activities to include donations to ALIVE and F-Troop, as well as the ramp built a Gene’s house.

    8. It was agreed that Mitch would give the pitch at GC.

    9. Supplication to be pins and shirts from the Luning Doins, Chardonnay wine from the Fallon winery (with special labels made just for us), and ???(Need suggestions here.)

  17. Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm.