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Copper Queen 1915

Outpost of Julia C. Bulette 1864

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James "Gunny" Utterback         Staci "Papa Bear" Wilhelmi      Joe "Cabin Fever" Macduff        Bud "Budman" Wadleigh II

Gluteous Maximus                     Rigormortis                                 Ubiquitous                                    Erroneous


Hangman: "Barnacle" Bill Evans

Officer Responsibilities



1.  The Gluteous Maximus (President) must confirm the mailing address (or P.O. Box address) upon taking office.  (Per By-laws: 12.07)

2.  Preside at all meetings of the Board of Trustees as Chairman, and also preside as Chairman at all meetings of the members.

3.  With approval of the membership set the dates for Candlelight Doins, Doins, Family Picnic, treks, fund raising events, etc.

4.  With approval of the membership, select the location and plagueing for the annual doins.

5.  Attend the Great Basin Alliance held in January of each year to coordinate events and dates with other Chapters and Outposts. 

6.  Assist in putting together the presentation for advancement to the Grand Council.

7.  Along with volunteers, represent the Outpost at the annual Grand Council in Sonora, CA.

8.  Coordinate events and cooperation with our sponsoring Chapter, Julia C. Bulette 1864.

9.  Coordinate activities of other officers to ensure their duties are performed.

10.  Call Board of Trustee meetings when deemed necessary.

11.  Ensure that the operation of the Outpost adheres to the Outpost Rules established by the Board of Proctors.

12.  Handle unusual situations as they may arise.  This may include representing the Outpost with other charitable/community organizations, or resolving issues that may impact the integrity of the Outpost.



RIGORMORTIS (Vice President)

1.  The Rigormortis (Vice-President) shall perform the duties dele­gated to him by the Gluteus Maximus. 

2.  In the absence of the President, the Rigormortis shall assume all the duties and responsibilities of that office.

3.  In January and July of each year the Rigormortis must audit the Hawker inventory and the books of the Erroneous (Treasurer).Since these are so closely tied, it is recommended that the audits be conducted concurrently, using the inventory sheets from the last audit as a starting point.

4.  Assist is putting together the presentation for advancement for the Grand Council.



UBIQUITOUS (Secretary)

1.  Record the minutes at all Board at of Trustee and general membership meetings.

2.  Handle all correspondence relating to Outpost matters.

3.  In January of each year fill out the Statistical Report and email it to the SNGR for the Board of Proctors. 

4.  Upon paying the yearly insurance, send a copy of the Certificate of Liability Insurance and a copy of the payment receipt to the SNGR for the Board of Proctors.

5.  Send out monthly reminder notices for the upcoming meeting.  Include minutes of previous month’s meeting in the text.

6.  Design (using Microsoft Word or Publishers or similar software) Clamproclamations and flyers for events, raffles, etc.

7.  Prior to each Doins, modify the Release of Liability and the Mandatory Admission Form.

8.  Prior to, or at the beginning of, each Doins, ensure that each PBC has filled out the Application to ECV form.

9.  Maintain the member list.  Update following each meeting or doins.

10.  At the conclusion of each doins ensure that each former PBC receives a membership card and a sheepskin.

11.  Maintain the digital library of all Outpost matters.

12.  Coordinate with the Cyber Scribe to ensure that relevant data is placed on the Copper Queen 1915 Facebook page and the website.

13.  Perform tasks assigned by the Gluteous Maximus.

14.  Assist in putting together the presentation for advancement to be given at the Grand Council.



ERRONEOUS (Treasurer)

1.  Maintain the treasury books for the Outpost using Quicken.

2.  Pay all bills as valid receipts are submitted.

3.  Pay bills as the REMINDERS in Quicken specifies.

4.  Collect money at monthly meetings, doins, and other activities, keeping track of how much money is collected from each activity (rub, 50/50, raffle, etc.).

5.  Collect money from the Hawker as soon as possible after hawking is completed.

6.  Promptly deposit all collected money into the Copper Queen 1915 checking account.

7.  Present financial reports at each general membership meeting.

8.  Assist in preparing the presentation for advancement for the Grand Council.

9.  Perform tasks assigned by the Gluteous Maximus.




1.  Upon taking office, audit the hanging crew inventory that is kept in the cook’s cargo trailer.Items include Staff of Life, HOCO books, rope, white coats, etc.

2.  Read the Grand Council policy regarding the treatment of PBCs.

3.  Prior to a doins, brief hanging crew members (601s) on the Grand Council policy regarding the treatment of PBCs.

4.  At the monthly meeting prior to any doins conduct a rehearsal of the HOCO ceremony.The books will be needed for this.

5.  Ensure that all hanging crew inventory is available and ready to use at a doins.

6.  During a doins ensure that all 601s treat PBCs in accordance with the Grand Council policy.

7.  Following each doins, ensure that all hanging crew inventory is accounted for and is put back into the cook’s cargo trailer.