Copper Queen Chapter #1915

E Clampus Vitus of Nevada ®


We erect monuments to commemorate events from past Nevada history, especially concerning mining and underappreciated colorful figures.


Our Historical Society is completely funded by our various members-only, public events, and bacchanalia.


Per caritate viduaribus et orphanibusque sed prime viduaribus.

Our Namesake

Firminia “The Copper Queen” Sarras

Fermina Sarras (1840-1915), who was born in Nicaragua, came to Nevada as a prospector in an age when ladies didn’t wear pants, let alone wander around the desert alone in search of veins of ore. But she was dressed for success: she struck it rich as the “Copper Queen,” and the town of Mina, Nevada, is named for her.


Latest News from our Indignitaries

We are all Brothers of Equal Indiginity, and the Most Important Committee awaits the appointment of a new Chairman.

CQ Charter Doins, May 5 – 7, 6028 (2023 CE)

Noble Grand HumbugMitch “The Buffet” MillerInvites you toYerington, NV for a mostSatisfactory DoinsWHEN: May 5-7, 6028 (2023)WHERE: Lyon County Fairgrounds, 100 US Highway 95A, Yerington, NVRubs: Red shirts $150.00 prepay[…]

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CQ Candlelight – Sat., April. 16

PBCs turned over, clean and sober, to the Hangman at 10:00 am.Mason Valley Moose Lodge644 South Main, Yerington

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